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The ultimate beauty experience awaits you in your BeautyCocoon.

What we do?

With infinite beauty products combinations in the marketplace coupled with lifestyle demands on personal time, choosing the best suitable items as a person of colour can be a frustrating challenge at most. Like us, you have undoubtedly spent precious time and money sourcing and purchasing beauty products in search of your holy grail foundation or moisturiser, only to be met with a very disappointing anti-climax once you have used it. BeautyCocoon Box faces this challenge for you, we select quality products that are trending, and unique for you and your skin. BeautyCocoon Box is the perfect beauty treat, with specially sourced beauty products that will suit and compliment your beauty as a woman of colour.

We create a unique beauty journey for our subscribers with a service that will solve your frustrations with sourcing quality products for your skin without ‘breaking the bank’ and procured with minimal fuss and time. 

Every month we will introduce you to specially hand-picked beauty products from popular, niche and upcoming beauty brands delivered directly to your doorstep.

Our Team

Our team at BeautyCocoon are beauty professionals with years of experience in skincare and makeup. We welcome our subscribers to their Cocoon with our special beauty boxes curated with special expertise and knowledge about the magic of their skin. We support our subscribers on their exciting discovery of their new cocoon, providing the inspiration they desire and creating the fulfilling experience they deserve.

We love what we do because we are all beauty addicts, dedicated to discovering the best in skincare and cosmetics products suitable for you regardless of your shade. We work endlessly to bring you the best in beauty discovery, while you focus on falling in love with your new holy grail products.

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