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“Contouring and highlighting are like hot fluffy pancakes and maple syrup; best together.” 





What is Highlighting?

Although the face has shape and depth, there are certain lighting situations that can turn the face flat, and nobody likes to look like a malteser chocolate ball (sorry maltesers!). That is where highlighting comes in; highlighting is great at emphasising the skin and enhancing your best features. Features like your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, temples, brow bones, the bridge of the nose, the apples of your cheeks and the jaw bone will stand out, giving your skin that natural gorgeous glow. Who doesn’t want that? 

What is Contouring?

Contouring, on the other hand is the process of creating shadows on your face, creating a more sculptured, chiselled face. Ohh hellur cheekbones. It darkens the areas of your face that are usually in the shadows, this is why it is a perfect compliment to the highlight. As one is shading and bringing some much needed shadows to the face, the other is bringing light in both creating that amazing skin dimension. Very artsy skill!!.  You can use a contouring product to define or reshape areas on your nose, chin, forehead, jawline and cheekbones

How do I do it?

Both techniques are best to carry out after you have applied your base to your face (this is usually foundation). To highlight, use a concealer (or foundation) product a shade or two lighter than your skintone and apply to the under eye, bridge of your nose, forehead and any other features you want to accentuate. The next step, is very important – BLEND! You want to blend your highlight so well and flawlessly into your skin, blending out all harsh lines. After blending, you set the application with a loose translucent, or colour powder. Remember to Blend. Blend. Blend.

Depending on your preference, you can use a cream or powder contour. Apply your contour shade to your cheeks; (sucking them in  then applying the product to the hollow part of your cheek).  You can also create shadows on your forehead, nose and jawline with your contour product. Another important reminder to BLEND!

[Use the picture as a guide attached for your product placement]

Face lookin’ snatched! (Ellarie)

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